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    Concept-eBiz is an online & offline experienced Marketing /IT oriented communications agency, created with the mission to help your business win.

    To make it possible we are also strategists, thinkers, creatives and technologists who are passionate about building great market winning campaigns deployed as platforms, products or solutions. Our clients include small entrepreneurial businesses and also well-known international brands.

    We understand the nature of today’s businesses because we have evolved with them for decades.

    As we have navigated through these practices, we have witnessed the changes in the corporate world since the introduction of the personal computer and the arrival and ever broadening Internet. At Concept-eBiz, we have integrated an e-business type of corporate solution that brings together the history that we ourselves have helped to write by servicing multi-national, medium businesses and small entities that have grown tremendously. During this time, we have provided solutions in marketing communications and technologies.

    Since we know the ins and outs of multi-channel marketing and retail through e-commerce, plus all the details of delivering goods to international consumers, we have become even more diverse in our strengths. 

    Concept-eBiz counts with the experience that helps innovate business applications and fortifies infrastructures. This experience allows us to create and design exciting solutions that are appropriate for the given market while protecting the parameters of your own corporate identity standards.


    our key solutions


    • Solutions for Marketing Communications · US Hispanics-LATAM · Cross-Cultural: 

    With such a multitude of cultures in today’s market, your success depends on creativity that can clearly speak to those people. One that understands the importance of cross-cultural and multi-ethnic scenarios within the communication strategies.


    • Solutions for e-Commerce and/or e-Business: 

    The technology associated with what we offer our clients not only provides winning solutions, but also provides us with tracking information to review returns on investment.

    As we mentioned in rule 6, in the future all marketing will be Technology driven and vice versa, now in time, there is no marketing effort that is not linked to technology. For this reason, we help put everything in this context. Whether it is a web approach, through collaborative social contexts, or within ecosystems of search engines or emails, they are all software driven.

    Now software allows even those with little technological knowledge to access, analyze and understand data, as well as to act on it. 

    • A Center for Creative Solutions: 

    Everything we do for clients is essentially innovative. Each of our campaigns contains the necessary creativity, a huge portion of marketing brief immersion and a lot of previous work.

    we love all things we do


    AS HIPSTERS, our team provide great design, fantastic content and position you as the coolest brand in your sector:

    • Creative Directors
    • Art and Web Designers
    • Content Editors/CopyWriters
    • Social Media Managers

    our guys provide smooth technology that is reliable, quick, scalable and easy to use:

    • Technical or Information Architects
    • UX (User Experience) Managers
    • Web Developers / Programmers
    • Front-End Developers
    • SEO Executives

    AS HUSLERS, we make the project goals happen, on time and to budget:

    • Business Directors
    • Account Directors
    • Project Managers
    • PPC Managers
    • Online Affiliate Marketing Managers
    • Digital Media Specialist


    • William Castaño
      CEO & Global Strategy Leader
      As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Concept-eBiz, William personifies the company's commitment of delivering the highest quality of services to its clients. He has built a reputation from his strong work ethic, result-oriented consensus building and exceptional ability to forge and maintain major client relationships. As Global Strategy Leader, William Castaño leads a multidisciplinary marketing team and service organization that creates communication solutions for many companies and brands.
    • Dora-Luz Longas
      President & Customer Relations Leader
      Dora-Luz can be represented as the ambassador of our agency's fine relationships, as she is exceptional in providing clarity and a sense of confidence in the name of our company. As head of Client Relations, Dora-Luz manages the day-to-day operations, including supervising other unit members in the Client Relations and Account Management Unit. She serves as the principal contact point with Administrative Officers, Vendors, Production units, and Media, among others.
    • Valentin Secades
      CTO and Project Head of Technologies.
      Valentín Secades Méndez is our CTO and Project Head of Technologies. He is a well known Software Engineering with strong know how in Database development, analysis and design, Business process and application workflow modeling, Project Management, Open Source Development, Software Architecture and Design. He is also a ZEND PHP 5.3 & PHP 5.5 Certified Engineer. Valentin is a Software Engineer with more than 19 years of IT experience, 13 of those spent in desktop, Web And Mobile software development Positions and consulting expertise in a variety of industries, including independent software development shops, industrial manufacturing, Embedded electronics and Web2.0 start­ups. OS environments tackled and mastered during those years are Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as involvement in development projects ranging from simple sites with minimal functionality to full fledged desktop, AJAX and mobile Android / iOS / Phonegap based applications.
    • Francisco Salcedo
      Senior Events/Sports Marketing Officer
      Francisco "Pacho" Salcedo brings his senior level to Concept-eBiz. His role in front of first class events and sports sponsorship management for blue-chip brands is extremely influential. Under his advice our company has lead global marketing communication campaigns for clients as important as FIFA, Inter Forever Sports, and other important regional confederations in the US. He is a versatile and creative professional with more than 25 years of experience in advertising, sports and events marketing. His career begun as a copywriter in Leo Burnet and was complemented through the years in McCann Erickson Colombia where he served before his arrival to the US two decades ago.
    • Camilo Galindo
      Digital Strategist & SEM Leader
      As our Head SEM Strategist, Camilo is primarily responsible for all our SEM team. He manages and optimizes Search Engine Marketing initiatives including Google Adwords, Analytics, and SEO for all of our current businesses and new and developing product lines. As an expert in utilizing Google Adwords, he has ultimately optimized and grown profitable campaigns. He is capable and excited (not scared) to manage large Adwords projects. Camilo is also talented in creating textual ads and specific calls to action. Due to his familiarity and skills in all formats, he knows when to use each program. We are very fortunate to have him on our team.
    • Gilberto Castaño-Bedoya
      Senior Video Production Officer
      Gilberto is fundamental in our production team and we are very proud to count with his know how. He leads our video productions on behalf of our brand partners and is responsible for conceptualizing, producing and executing everything from short-form social videos to full-length features. Other facets of Gilberto's role includes brainstorming and presenting ideas, directing video product builds, and managing dedicated film and media production teams. Gilberto's experience includes decades of services for well known TV Production companies in LATAM, such as RCN. His name is associated with mega productions like Betty la feaCafé con Aroma de Mujer, and many other international news events and programs.
    • William Castano JR
      Marketing & IT Driven Officer
      William Jr. exemplifies a new kind of marketing professional, known as a marketing technologist. In other words,  a marketer who understands technology or a technologist who is passionate about marketing. But why do we need marketing technologists anyway? Technology continues to change exponentially. Computational power doubles every two years. Data storage doubles and social media sites multiply and mutate like fruit flies. As our Marketing technologist, William Jr. helps marketing regain control of a world that has exploded with complexity and accelerating change. He helps us do this for our clients by turning marketing into a “local” instead of a "tourist" in this new environment.
    • Diana Amaya
      Creative & Design Services Director
      Diana is a passionate digital native whose skills don’t fit neatly into a box. Her right brain loves branding, design and aesthetics, while her left brain loves strategy, leadership, and code. As our Creative & Design Services Director, she builds and leads our Creative Services Team (digital design, interactive development, copywriting, video production, and project management). She also brings innovation and differentiation to our agency. She leads design and development efforts in support of all Concept-eBiz paid and owned media, including but not limited to, web properties, print collateral, presentations and contents.
    • Camila Castano
      Jr. Content Officer/Copywriter
      Our agency has been the place were Camila has grown. Since she was a kid she's been coming to the company and now she is our junior copywriter. Camila's role includes understanding the message that clients are seeking, and then converting it to an attractive message. In other words, she generates a perfect and pleasing copy that will engage the reader. By receiving feedback, she uses it to grow and improve as a copywriter. Understanding client specifications is key to craft a copy that is on brand. This is done by keeping the copy consistent and identifiable for each client, resulting in creative ideas for innovative campaigns. She works directly below a copywriter or senior copywriter in our marketing agency.